So as you can see I have a new website. It’s still a work in progress is it will probably change over the last few months but the address will stay the same.

I am also now doing audio recordings of myself and I explain why:

And here is an update for April on what I’ve been up to:

So what ideas do you have for future audio posts?

2 thoughts on “Newness!

  1. Wow, I so identify with what you said in the first recording, about having problems articulating what you want to say, getting “lost” or over-thinking, etc. I have that problem even with *comments* to other people’s blogs, and often book reviews, it’s incredibly frustrating.

    I would never have guessed that was a problem for you, though, based on things you’ve written that I’ve read previously.

    Anyway, I hope the audio thing is helpful. Look forward to what you have to say, by whatever means 🙂

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    1. It’s not been a problem until recently. Writing blog posts has become more difficult more me over the last year and a half and within the last six months. Like you said even replies to other people and book reviews have been hard.

      Hopefully the audio recording is a good solution 🙂


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