The Doctor’s Discretion


New York City, 1831.

Passion, medicine and a plan to break the law …

When Doctor William Blackwood, a proper gentleman who prefers books to actual patients, meets retired Navy surgeon Doctor Augustus Hill, they find in each other not just companionship but the chance of pleasure—and perhaps even more. The desire between them is undeniable but their budding relationship is disrupted by the arrival of a mysterious patient at New York Hospital.

Mr. Moss has been accused of being born a woman but living his life as a man, an act that will see him committed to an asylum for the rest of his life. William and Augustus are determined to mount a rescue even if it means kidnapping him instead.

Their desperate plan sets William and Augustus against the hospital authorities and the law. Soon they find themselves embroiled in New York’s seedy underworld, mixed up with prostitutes, spies, and more than a lifetime’s worth of secrets. When nothing is as it seems can they find something real in each other?

“The high stakes and developing relationship between William and Augustus make this book impossible to put down.” Trisha Brown,  8 of the Best M/M Romances at BookRiot

“Though this romance touches on racism, transphobia, homophobia and more, it does so without losing a certain lightness (Augustus helps. He’s a delight.) Science! Spies! Queerness! It’s like Ottoman wrote this book for me. And perhaps, for you too!” Katherine Locke,  Talk Nerdy To Me: Seven STEM Romances at Frolic

“It’s a fantastic read, complex and poignant, tender and intriguing, rich in historical detail which I greatly recommend to all fans of historical romance.” Ellie Reads 

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