The Craft of Love

d3133e99-cacc-4226-bc3a-d90be3b9943cWhen professional respect leads to something more …

Benjamin Lewis has created a life for himself as one of the most respected silversmiths and engravers in New York City. For Benjamin, his work is his passion and he has never sought out companionship beyond the close ties of family. Stumbling across dresses sew by his late mother, however, reawakens painful memories from his past. Now he is determined to forge something beautiful from the remains of the life and identity he left behind. In the process, he discovers stunning and fiercely intelligent Miss Quincy who might just have the power to tempt him out of his quiet isolation.

Remembrance Quincy talent is as undeniable as her needlework is exquisite. She has made a name for herself crafting quilts and embroidery pieces for all the wealthiest ladies in the city. When soft-spoken yet charming Mr. Lewis comes to her with a particular project in mind she is intrigued both by his artistic design and by the man himself. He treats her like an equal, values her work and makes her smile, but Remembrance already gave her heart away once, now can she risk doing it again?

“This novella is as slender and delicate as a line of feather stitch in linen thread — and is just as quietly strong.” – The Seattle Review of Books 

“The love story unfolds so calmly that it was a pleasure to read, a balm for a weary mind.” – Love in the Panels

The Craft of Love is such a delicate historical romance book that made my heart flutter.” – Let’s Fox About It Marginalized Media Review 

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