Song of the Spring Moon Waning

Song of the Spring Moon Waning

Upon waking up one morning, Wen Yu is surprised to find a note asking him to return the song thrush given into his care while the owner was sick. The only problem is that Wen Yu was never given a song thrush.

Though he has no time for distractions from his studies for the palace examination, Wen Yu goes in search of the unknown Liu Yi who left him the note. What he finds is a beautiful imperial eunuch, a talking tortoise, and a collection of mysterious moon poems that force Wen Yu to question what path in life he is truly meant to be walking …

This book was originally published in 2014 and has been republished by the author.

“This feels like a fantasy. The tone is almost musical. It’s slow and soft, and lends itself very well to the slow-burn romance” – Trans Book Reviews 7/10 stars 

“With each new twist of plot or vivid description, the author infuses the tale with such enchantment and age that it acquires a feeling of timeless storytelling. You can almost hear the parchment rustle or the faint whisper of an ink brush across the silk of the painting as the tale unfolds on the pages before you.” – Scattered Thoughts Best Novels of 2014

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