A Matter of Disagreement


Two sworn rivals, a clash of ideas, and an attraction neither can deny.

A noted scholar of ancient literature and spellcraft, Lord Ashcroft “Andrea” de Bourbon, finds his world shaken when the new science of mechanical animation becomes the talk of high society. In response, Andrea takes to the presses gaining notoriety for his scathing critiques of mechanical animation and its founder the Marquis de la Marche.

Then one night Andrea comes face to face with the Marquis de la Marche and discovers he is nothing like Andrea expected. Leon Gregory de la Marche VI, Marquis de la Marche is handsome, brilliant, and charming. While their clashes on paper have become legendary in person they are even more explosive. As passions rise Andrea knows there is no backing down …

“So here’s the deal, EE Ottoman’s MATTER OF DISAGREEMENT is the closest I’ve ever seen a romance get to capturing that feeling that SCIENCE IS MAGIC.” Jen Reads Romance 

“A Matter of Disagreement is one of those brainy romance reads that I wish were more common. It’s terrifically romantic, but the scientific context, family politics and unrelentingly witty dialogue made it shine.” Elizabeth Lane, Cooking Up Romance.

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