Looking Towards 2016

Originally I was going to write a reflection on 2015, looking back on what’s happened in the last year. I don’t even know how to process all my thoughts and feelings about 2015 though. So instead of reflecting back on 2015 I am going to talk about hopes and plans for 2016. I will say that I’ve been trying to keep my expectations for 2016 modest just in general. 2015 saw so much upheaval in my life that I want to leave room for things not going as planned in this coming year as well. I do have some things that I am as sure as I can be about though, some writing related and some life related. So I figured I’d share a few of them. 

  • First and foremost I have a book coming out in 2016 probably in the late spring. It will be published by Brain Mill Press. It’s a contemporary story about two trans people connecting with each other through the past. It’s about family, and doing history outside of academia, and being trans, queer and working class in the US rust belt. I am very excited about this one, which I know might be hard to believe because I’ve basically not talked about it at all. I am super happy and excited about this though and I think it’s going to be great. You can find out more about it here.
  • In non-writing news I am super serious about getting a tattoo in 2016. I don’t have one as yet, but it’s been on my bucket list forever and I am feeling like the time is now.
  • I am working on mysterious writing project #2, which kind of morphed from what I was expecting it to be into something a lot bigger and a lot more ambiguous, so we will see how that goes.
  • I hope to continue to do cool job I really like into 2016 as well and to also keep the nice apartment I am currently living in. 
  • The only reason I would not keep the nice apartment I really like is if I could find a comparable one that allowed me to have a cat. Because I would like to adopt a cat I just need somewhere to house us.
  • 2015 was a lot about being diagnosed and then treated for various autoimmune stuff. I am now cautiously hopeful that 2016 will be figuring out medication and gaining back a general sense of normalcy.  

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