Queer Romance Month! and an update 9/23/15

So on the heath front I’ve been to a specialist (finally) and her diagnoses is one without a threat of cancer, thank God. On the other hand her diagnoses is chronic disease – will have to take medication for the rest of my life or I’ll die — kind of deal. The thing is I now have a plan for treatment instead of me feeling like crap and having no way of fixing it. Also medication to deal with my heart so I don’t risk heart failure every time I walk to campus.


In other more fun news Queer Romance Month is back! There are lots of people involved, lots of exciting things. Anyone who was involved last year knows that it was amazing. There were people writing things that were profound or funny, or profound and funny every day for the entire month. I loved that we had nonfiction articles, short fiction pieces, and art. I loved that we had authors from m/m, f/f other queer romance and het. I know I got into a lot of interesting conversations about the days articles pretty much every day for the entire month. It was great. I am both happy to do it again and sad that queer romance is still marginalized so this still has to happen.


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