Update 7/18/2015

I am moving at the begining of August and starting a new job August 13th. It’s very exciting for me, I’m looking forward to the new job a lot but it means August is going to be a little busy.

On top of that I’ve been having some health issues, which is why I’ve had long absences from the romance community.

I have a disorder I was born with that makes it hard for me to regulate my blood sugar. Usually it’s not bad at all and I can control it through diet. Since the beginning of the year though it’s been all over the placed. I have had a harder and harder time just consuming enough food to keep on top of it.

The doctor started running tests to see what was going on and found it that my heart was way, way up. Like I was doing cardo when I was sitting down at the computer up.

Since then my doctors have been trying to figure out what was causing that.

They think they’ve finally figured it out but it’s going to involved treatment and possibly surgery.

Right now I’m trying to juggle that, and the move, and the new job, so we’ll see how it goes. But that’s why I’ve not been around.


4 thoughts on “Update 7/18/2015

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  1. Hope everything goes a million times better than expected. Sending lots of healing thoughts and love your way. Please, please give a shout-out if there’s anything you need.


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